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The right care when you need it most

Get same day appointments for urgent needs. Our office in Elkin is conveniently located near Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital in Elkin. We also see patients at our second location in King.

What to expect when visiting Hugh Chatham Podiatry

Expect honest, ethical treatment from our entire staff, and we will expect the same from you. If you have a problem or concern, please tell us so that we can address it.

On your first visit, we will discuss your medical history and specific information about your foot problem. A motion examination might be performed to determine if your foot is able to function normally, and we might observe you as you walk. If needed,  x-rays may be obtained to diagnose body problems such as fractures or structural deformities. The doctor will explain your foot condition and make recommendations on proper foot care. We will answer any questions you have as you decide which recommended course of therapy is best for you.

Communication is important, so please tell us about any questions that you have after you return home, or about any changes in your condition.

Hugh Chatham Podiatry – Elkin & King, NC – Board certified podiatric care in the Yadkin Valley